Sunday, December 23, 2012

Flights are Booked and The Word is Out!!!

Thursday night we spent an hour on the phone with our rep at Airtreks and made, quite possibly, the most important purchase of out trip. We booked all but one of our flights for our 4 month sojourn around the world!! A huge step for us, but still loads more to do.

In addition I broke the news to my company on Friday! Our world adventure is now public knowledge! I was incredibly nervous to tell them as I had no idea how the news would be received. Would they be mad, would they be glad, would they be bummed out, or would they tell me to pack up and head out? All possibilities that I tried to mentally prepare for. I was also a bit bummed about the timing due to some great projects that will just begin to ramp up after the first of the year. However, as the old adage states...there will always be a million reasons not to do something.

Anywho, I met with my boss in the morning and told him about our plans, and my last day being January 25th. He was genuinely happy for me! He was envious of the experience that our around the world trip is sure to bring! The icing on the cake...he spoke very highly of potential of continuing to work there after we returned from the trip! Truly a great gift to work at a place that would even entertain the possibility of a position in the future. In the event of the trip lasting longer than 4 months or something else happening the company would obviously do what they need to do keep on going.

I couldn't have asked for it to go better!

2013 will surely be an amazing year! Lots of excitement, adventure and changes!

Champagne to Celebrate Our Flights!

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