Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Miami- I Like the Nightlife Baby...

Collins Ave (The Clevelander- my first SoBe experience in 2004)
Miami, what a city!  It seems so alive and as 'the night man cometh' the activity grows exponentially!  We landed yesterday and took the Express bus to our accommodation (courtesy of  This was the first time we walked any bit of distance with our full pack on.  It went well, for both of us!  We spent the day getting settled and relaxing on the beach.  After nightfall we decided to explore a place that we enjoyed when we lived in Miami 'back in the day,'  Lincoln Road (  A hot spot for activity, Lincoln Road has it all: restaurants, bars, clubs, shops, art galleries, and of course the local 7 Eleven.  This is a dedicated pedestrian thoroughfare and people use this space 24-7.  The restaurants face the pedestrian promenade and present interesting opportunities to the waiters trying to dodge oncoming traffic to reach their tables (located in the center of the 'road').  People flock to this place for all of its eateries and shops, and as the night falls the place come to life, literally.  You can even see several 'living statue' performances here.  There are several water features and even a central lawn area of artificial turf that parents and children alike find themselves enjoying!  Although I would be hard pressed to live here again, I do enjoy the occasional visit.  South Beach and its surroundings have a lot to offer for everyone.

Lincoln Road Sculptural Element

Lincoln Road Water Feature 

'Playtime' -Artificial Turf Common Space ( can be done)

Ghost Elvis, 'Cause Why Not?

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