Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Miami-Version 2.0-Parkin' n Divin'

South Pointe Park Promenade
I found myself with a little bit of time this evening and since it was an excellent day, I decided I had to share.  Today was a balanced diet of relaxation, design inspiration, and underwater exploration.  We met up with a friend for dinner last night from the days when we lived in Miami.  It was a nice evening of catching up and good food.  He highly recommended visiting South Pointe Park at the very southern end of Miami Beach.  We were able to leave a little early this morning and check this place out prior to our dives.  I believe this place just jumped up on my list of favorite places in South Beach.  It-is-gorgeous.  I did a bit of research and found out that it is product of Hargreaves and Associates, and their expertise is evident in the all of the details throughout the park.  There are unique views to the port and the city in the distance, the waterfront promenade is gorgeous and complete with handicap accessible ramps to enable closer access to the water for all users.  Although most of Florida is quite flat there is significant berming within the park to allow activity at different elevations in the park, and the berms themselves serve to separate different use areas.  The park is even outfitted with a playground, sprayground, wood pier and sundeck accessible by a long winding walk, or concrete and earthen stairs.  The park is really something to see.  If I lived in South Beach, I would run here on a daily basis.  Check out the few pics I have posted below of the park.  I have also included a few of our underwater pics from our 2 dives today.  It was great to be underwater and test out all of our new gear prior to the Galapagos...NEXT WEEK!

ADA Accesible Walk
The berm separates another walk and the playground.
A flippin' Sundeck.
View to the Ocean from the Berm

Open Green Space
Promenade-Miami in the Distance
Now for a few dive pics!
Fan Coral on the Sunken Barge
I'm On My Level
Leo-Guardian of the Memorial Garden
Wifey at Neptune Memorial Reef
We will probably be back...



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  1. Dude!!! You should consider having this printed as a book when you're done. Your writing style flows seamlessly and is very visual. It’s as if I’m living this through your blog. Absolutely awesome man. Thank you for this. Safe travels to you and Andrea and have loads of fun.
    By the way….Who’s William??? LOL
    Steve Arnold